4 Important Facts Regarding A ‘Contract of Employment’

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In this article, we discuss this in further detail and explain important facts surrounding a contract of employment.


Our 4 Facts you need to know about a ‘Contract of Employment’

1.You Don’t need to formally write out a Contract of Employment!  If these conditions are in place a contract of employment is formed:

  • An unconditional offer
  • An unconditional acceptance
  • An intention to form a legally binding agreement – assumed to be the case when a job is offered and accepted
  • Consideration – payment
  • Certainty – clarity on key terms

An Employment Contract can be formed in a telephone conversation or by email!

2.You generally can’t change the terms of a contract once it is agreed unless you have the agreement of both parties.

Promises made at interview or when making them verbal can be legally binding.

3. Written Particulars of employment

This is what we generally refer to as the ‘Contract of Employment’.

Employees have the right to receive a statement of their conditions of employment within eight weeks of commencing employment.

Written Particulars of employment must cover the following provisions:

  • The names of the employer and employee between whom the contract is formed
  • Date employment started
  • Job Title/brief description of work
  • Pay
  • When the payment will be received
  • What bonuses or provisions will be paid
  • Hours of work
  • Holiday and holiday pay entitlement
  • Place of work

4. Employees must receive other documentation including:

  • Sick pay arrangements
  • Notice periods
  • Occupational pension arrangements
  • Duration of the contract
  • Details of any collective arrangements relevant to the terms and conditions.
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