5 Steps To Make The Right Job Interview Impression

We see a lot of advice for candidates on making the right impression at a job interview.

However, this is equally important for the prospective employer…

In this article, we share with you, 5 Key Steps to focus on with Employer Brand. Ensuring you have the right interview questions and answers and that your job interview process says the right things about YOU and YOUR company.

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The Job Interview Process For Your Brand

1. Be prepared
  • Provide job interview candidates with information in advance.
  • Ensure arrangements are clear and that there is someone available to greet candidates.
  • Planning your interview – develop questions in advance and determine who will ask what, ensure you allow enough time for each candidate.
  • Read CVs or application forms in advance.
2. Chair the interview

This is an important role at the interview and needs to be done professionally. 

  • Set the scene – give the candidate an opportunity to get settled and put them at ease.
  • Introduce other members of the panel and explain the role played by each member. 
  • Explain the format of the interview and nature of the questioning – give the interviewee some idea of what to expect and what you expect. 
  • Clarify whether you are happy to take questions throughout the interview or at the end.
  • Mention that notes will be taken.
  • Give an idea of how long the interview will last.
  • Give a brief introduction to the company and/or the role applied for.
3. Have a clear structure to the interview
  • Introduction.
  • Questions relating to the CV – any points for clarification. 
  • Questions relating to the person spec/competency framework.
  • Opportunity for the interviewee to ask questions.
  • Ask if there is anything else the interviewee would like to add.
  • Thank them for attending and explain the next steps in the process.
4. Ask effective Questions
  • Always ask Open Questions – Questions which allow the candidate to provide information and to develop their answer. 
  • Try to Ask Probing Questions – Questions designed to find out more or check what has been said. 
  • In all Cases ask for Examples – Ask for examples to demonstrate skill, knowledge or experience or to illustrate the point being made.
  • Don’t ask Closed Questions – these lead to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers so don’t get you much further.  
  • Try not to ask Leading Questions – A leading question is one where you indicate the answer you are looking for, it’s  the candidate’s view you are interested in.
  • Don’t ask Multiple Questions – A multiple question is one which asks a number of questions all at once.  Your candidate won’t know where to start with their answer.
5. Close the interview on a positive note
  • Always end on a positive note. 
  • Thank the candidate for their time.
  • Explain what will happen next – how will they find out the outcome.
  • Check you have the correct contact details and which number would be best to contact them on.
  • The close should be the same for all candidates whether you have a sense of whether they are potentially the successful candidate or not. 

Leave the candidate with a good feeling about the company and about you – it’s you they will be working for and if you do offer the job, you want them to accept.  If you don’t make an offer you want them to say good things about the experience they have had – they may be a customer or know someone else who would be a good candidate for a role in the future.

Making a Good Impression at Job Interview Stage is very Important to Your Employer Brand.
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