Employer Brand – Attracting The Best Job Applicants

What is Employer Branding in HR and are you using your Employer Brand to attract the best applicants?

Employer Brand. Attracting The Best Applicants - Banner

Research is clear – branded advertisements attract more candidates. However, your recruitment marketing strategy inevitably needs to have a good Employer Brand. One which attracts applicants with good employee engagement, rather than a strategy that repels them!

What is Your Employer Brand?

At the advertising stage this is how your Employer Brand is portrayed:

  • Your company logo.
  • Your recruitment marketing approach to employing people – the words and pictures you use to describe employment with your company.
  • Employee engagement. Where you place your advertisements and what that says about your company.
  • What your company website or career site says about the importance you place on recruitment.
  • How easy it is to find and apply for job opportunities with your company.
  • How much information you provide – how open and transparent you are about working for you.
  • Your Employment & Company Brand needs call out to applicants…

A.I.D.A. is an acronym used in advertising to describe the thought process we go through when we look at advertisements. 

This works equally for job ads – use your brand to make it work for you:

  • A:  Attention

Attract attention.  Does your ad call out to the right people to read it?

  • I:  Interest

Gain interest by focusing on advantages and benefits.   Does your ad cover the reasons to work for you?

  • D:  Desire

Convince readers they want what you’re offering and that it will meet their needs.  Does your ad say enough to encourage high-quality applicants to apply?

  • A:  Action

Call to action, what to do next.  Does your Ad explain the next steps and make it easy to apply?

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