Are zero-hours contracts right for your business?

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Google the phrase ‘zero-hours contract’ and you will find countless articles branding them exploitative and unfair. Zero-hours contracts have had a lot of attention in the past few years and it’s fair to say that most of it has not been positive. Surprisingly, despite the large amount of press coverage, zero-hours workers represent a relatively… Read more »

Trouble recruiting in this tight labour market?

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It’s official: recruitment is no longer a buyer’s market. Following the global recession of 2008, countless redundancies and job cuts made recruitment easy pickings. With just a snap of their fingers, employers could instantly find a whole raft of perfectly qualified people all desperate to work for them. It was without doubt a buyer’s market;… Read more »

Induction Crisis – Why Bother With Induction Process?

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We cannot hide from the fact that everyone suffers Induction Crisis in the workplace! What is Induction Crisis?  If a cloud hangs over new employees when they are out of their comfort zone, are getting used to a new routine, missing old colleagues and potentially wondering whether they have done the right thing. This is… Read more »

Employer Brand – Attracting The Best Job Applicants

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What is Employer Branding in HR and are you using your Employer Brand to attract the best applicants? Research is clear – branded advertisements attract more candidates. However, your recruitment marketing strategy inevitably needs to have a good Employer Brand. One which attracts applicants with good employee engagement, rather than a strategy that repels them! What… Read more »