Creating an Effective Board of Executives

Exec & Non Exec Board of Directors - Effective Board of Executives

Creating a Dynamic and Effective Board of Executives is ‘Key To The Success’ of your Organisation.

Building The Right Team of Exec & Non Exec Board of Directors

The HR Consultancy will work with you to source and recruit the right people to take your business forward and build the best team of Exec and Non Exec Board of Directors for your company brand.

When Building Your Board of Executives We Will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive search of potential applicants.
  • Place appropriate advertisements to promote the opportunity to interested parties.
  • Undertake a first stage interview of potential candidates.
  • Compile a long list of suitable candidates, submitting individual candidate reports.
  • Carry out screening activity to verify the candidate’s eligibility, qualifications and references.
  • Identify potential conflicts of interest.
  • Formally present to the Board.
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