Events & Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops that we can deliver on your premises. Each lasts 3 hours. Contact us now!

Talent Development

An overview of how to identify, develop and retain your best staff, how to plan for the future and ensure you have the right people in place with the right skills and commitment to take the business forward. 

Change Management

How to manage change within a business looking at strategic change through to change in day to day activities. 

Effective Recruitment

The session will cover: preparing to recruit, starting the recruitment process and finding the right person The aim of the session will be interactive sharing good practice and ideas between the group and identifying pros and cons of different approaches.

Employee Engagement With the Business

An overview of how to engage your staff with the business  through effective appraisals, setting clear objectives, focuses on their strengths and development and managing reward and recognition.

Employment Law

An overview of the main areas of employment to be aware of when recruiting, forming contracts of employment, managing and dismissing employees.

Improving Organisational Performance Through People

Motivating and communicating with your team to ensure they provide the best performance for the business, Having a clear strategy and vision which you engage people with; Job design and job descriptions to ensure understanding of role and contribution and employee development.