Understanding Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment - The HR ConsultancyContracts of Employment are important, as it is the agreement between employer and employee which governs the relationship between both parties. The content of each individual contract will depend on the nature of the business and the job which is on offer, but there are always some standard Terms and Conditions.

We offer various packages of personalised contracts for small businesses and larger companies; which takes away the worry of non-compliance or future legal repercussions of having a poor contract. For more information, check our news article ‘Four facts you need to know about Contracts of Employment’.


1. Personalised Contracts for Small Businesses

This package is aimed at business owners/managers who have up to 25 employees. The core benefits of this package include:

  • Checklist of your main terms and conditions to be covered.
  • Provision of a tailored template to be used for all your staff.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements in relation to a provision of a statement of terms and conditions to all of your employees.


2. Complex Contracts for Larger Businesses

As you grow it is essential to ensure your business is legally secure. This package is aimed at businesses with 25+ employees and the benefits include:

  • A review of current contracts to ensure your compliance with current legislation.
  • Review of associated policies and staff handbooks.
  • Examination of your company documents.
  • Recommendation for changes to current handbook and inclusion of latest legislation.
  • Advice on any changes to contracts.


3. Changes to Contracts

The way you do business and the industry in which you operate is constantly changing and adapting and it is paramount to stay up-to-date with these changes. We can help with:

  • Assisting with changes to contracts
  • Supporting with consultation
  • Provision of appropriate documentation


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