Induction Crisis – Why Bother With Induction Process?

We cannot hide from the fact that everyone suffers Induction Crisis in the workplace!

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What is Induction Crisis? 

If a cloud hangs over new employees when they are out of their comfort zone, are getting used to a new routine, missing old colleagues and potentially wondering whether they have done the right thing. This is an Induction Crisis!

For most of us this doesn’t last long, we embrace the change and our new environment and therefore start to feel more comfortable, but it can be a difficult time.

Why Bother With Induction Processes in Your Business?

Having an excellent induction process for new members of staff is essential to get them over an induction crisis and therefore begin to settle in as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t impact upon the performance of your company.

However, if you don’t have Induction Methods in place, it will take far longer for staff to feel they belong as part of your Employer Brand; and, as a result not be able to contribute at the level they are able to. 

Or you could lose a notably excellent member of staff just because they don’t feel happy.

A surprisingly high number of people leave within their first year therefore reducing the productivity.  This cannot be good for your organisation; consider the costs of turnover

  • Administration of the resignation
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Interim cover
  • Training of the replacement
  • Lower productivity
  • Loss of morale
  • Damage to client relationships
  • Lack of Return on your investment in training the person leaving
  • Potential for Company information to be passed on to a competitor
Damage to Company Reputation – Not to be Underestimated!

At The HR Consultancy, we start the process before an employee joins and is carefully planned and tailored to the individual. It’s the platform from which your new employee can start to learn and develop in their role and from which they can make a valuable contribution.  It is the basis on which you secure their commitment to the company.

Five Reasons to Invest in Inducting New Staff to Take Control of Your Induction Crisis.


  1. Aim to make your new staff members them feel welcome and to allay any fears or misunderstanding.

          2. Try to answer questions and explain the key things they need to know about working for you.

          3. Encourage and help them to feel part of the team by giving them an understanding of the organisation – strategy, aims, values, culture, custom, and practice, what’s important.

          4. Explain and help them to understand where their role fits in and what’s required of them.

          5. Introduce new staff members to key stakeholders – people they will work with or come into contact with, who to ask about what.

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