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Recruitment Solutions are key to successful business performance.

The HR Consultancy offer various Recruitment Solutions and Recruitment Consultancy packages that are designed to support businesses with advertising as well as finding and managing potential candidates.

Because, we understand that it makes a big difference to have a team of people who are motivated and passionate about their job.

At The HR Consultancy, our job is to offer you Solutions for Recruitment. We deliver HR Training that is designed to take the stress and worry away from you to deliver high quality and more effective results, so you can focus on growing your business.


Our Recruitment Solutions & Recruitment Consultancy Packages:


Essential Recruitment Solutions

This package is designed for small businesses who need support with advertising, managing applicants and finding good people to interview:

  • Place advertisement on appropriate job boards.
  • Manage the administration of applicants.
  • Provide a list of suitable candidates.

Enhanced Recruitment

The Enhanced Service is intended for companies who don’t have the time to manage a long recruitment process but still want to get it right:

  • Draft advertisement.
  • Place advertisement on a selection of job boards.
  • Manage the administration of applicants.
  • Conduct telephone interviews for potential candidates.
  • Provide a shortlist of suitable candidates along with a brief report.

Fully Managed Recruitment

This service is designed for companies who wish to outsource the whole recruitment process from the initial decision to recruit through to the final interview:

  • Job analytics and draft of advertisement.
  • Placement of advertisement on five appropriate job boards.
  • Manage the administration of your applicants.
  • We screen interview your long listed applicants.
  • Provide you a shortlist of candidates with a report on each candidate.
  • Arrange interviews with your company and provide feedback where required.

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Time is Precious for Small Businesses and finding The Right Person For The Job is Our Top Priority.

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