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HR Services

We offer a variety of HR services, completely tailored to you and your business. Take a look below at what we can do, and click to find out more.


As well as these options, we also offer general HR advice on a Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly basis. Click below to see our prices.

We can create a custom template, so you know you've got everything in order for your new employees.

From individual policies to full Employee Handbooks, we can help you to establish slick processes.

Change can bring about uncertainity for employees - that's why we're here to help with a smooth transition.

It is never easy to deal with employee issues, so let us support you to do this.

Staff surveys, focus groups, benchmarking reviews - whatever the project, we can help.

With our wealth of HR knowledge and experience, we can design and run custom workshops for you.

Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment are important, as it is the agreement between the employer and employee that governs their relationship. The content of each individual contract will depend on the nature of the business and the role on offer, but all businesses should have a standard set of Terms and Conditions.


We offer various packages of personalised contracts for small businesses, and larger companies, which takes away the worry of non-compliance or future legal repercussions of having a poor contract.

To create your custom template, we first gain an understanding of how your business operates. We then make sure that the contract reflects this, and make multiple rounds of revisions with your input. We can even use and adapt any existing contracts too.

We also offer development of other types of agreements, such as Independent Contractor Agreements.

Policy Development

As your business grows and develops, it is important to ensure that you have the right employee policies in place to be able to manage staff effectively. Policies can cover tasks such as booking holidays, or processes such as managing sickness, disciplinary and grievances issues, or training and appraisals.

For small businesses, we would suggest starting off with our core policies package. This includes disciplinary, grievance, sickness, probation, and holiday booking policies. If there is a particular policy you need, we can create this too.


Or, for slightly larger companies, we also offer a fully bespoke Employee Handbook. Like with our Contracts of Employment, we work alongside you to understand your requirements and create a comprehensive guide to Human Resources. 

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Change Management

Managing change is key to successful growth and prosperity in your business. Constant change is a business reality, and organisations should continually adapt to their environment to remain competitive.

Change Management can cover a number of areas, such as downsizing and restructuring, changing terms of employment, TUPE transfers, or introductions of new systems and procedures.

Should your business be going through a large change, we can support you to implement a strong plan and communicate the process to your staff.


Employee Issues

We understand that relationships with employees don't always go as smoothly as employers would like, and it often seems easier to ignore these issues than to deal with them. However, the best way for any business to manage effectively is to address issues as soon as they arise to prevent matters from escalating. 

Common issues might include disciplinary action, managing probation, grievances and concerns, performance issues, or absence and timekeeping.

We have plenty of experience in dealing with complex employee issues, and can offer our advice and support on dealing with them. Or, we can take control of the process for you, attending meetings and completing investigations. We also offer note-taking services for any meetings you may hold.


Do you have a particular HR project in mind that you need support to complete? We can help. 

We have worked on a variety of projects from Employee Engagement Surveys, to salary benchmarking and job evaluations, to focus groups. 

We work with you to understand the brief, and put a project plan into place. We keep you updated throughout the project, and we are happy to deliver the outcomes in the best way for your business. This might be in a presentation or workshop, or in a detailed report.

HR Projects

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Our Director, Angela Roberts, is a former lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's courses on HR, and so is incredibly experienced at delivering workshops.

We can design sessions to meet your needs, and we are happy to deliver these on site or online. If you are looking to develop your managers, or need to set out new procedures with your staff, our workshops are a good place to start.

If you want to see one of our sessions in action, we regularly host generalist HR workshops. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about this, and know where to sign up.

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