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We offer three different recruitment service options, to suit your business and the role you are looking to fill. Our aim is always to find the absolute best candidates that will fit perfectly into your existing team.

Our Packages

Enhanced Package


The Enhanced Service is intended for companies who don't have the time to manage a long recruitment process, but still want to get it right.

We will:

  • Draft the advertisement,

  • Place an advertisement on up to 2 job boards,

  • Manage the administration of applicants,

  • Conduct telephone interviews with potential candidates,

  • Provide a shortlist of suitable candidates,

  • Arrange interviews with you if required.

Fully Managed Package


This service is for companies who wish to outsource the whole recruitment process, from the initial decision to recruit through to the final stage.

We will:

  • Benchmark the role and draft the advertisement,

  • Place advertisements on a selection of job boards,

  • Manage the administration of applicants,

  • Conduct telephone interviews with potential candidates,

  • Conduct Zoom interviews,

  • Provide reports on suitable candidates,

  • Arrange your final stage interviews,

  • Make the offer and provide feedback.

Executive Recruitment

Creating a dynamic and effective Board of Executives is the key to success for your organisation.

We can work with you to source and recruit the right people to take your business forward and build the best team of Executive and Non-Executive Directors for your company board.

We have completed a number of executive campaigns in the past, and would love to help you find your next Board Member.

We will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive search of potential applicants,

  • Place appropriate advertisements to promote the opportunity to potential applicants,

  • Be available to have informal conversations with those who are interested,

  • Carry out screening activities to verify the candidate's eligibility, qualifications, and references,

  • Identify any conflicts of interest,

  • Compile a longlist of suitable candidates to interview,

  • Conduct first stage Zoom interviews with candidates,

  • Produce a report on each candidate against a skills matrix,

  • Formally present each candidate to the Board and make recommendations,

  • Organise final stage interviews with the Board.

Please contact us for more information.

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