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  • Emily Perrin

The Benefits of Coaching

Join us for our upcoming workshop which will be hosted by Performance Coach, Author and Harrison Assessment Consultant -

Kelly Milburn. The workshop will be based on adopting a coaching style, exploring the practical side of coaching and what the coaching journey looks like. This workshop follows on from our ‘Introduction to Coaching’ workshop in January which gave managers the theoretical underpinning and thought processes behind coaching. This blog will go into detail about what coaching is and the benefits coaching brings to organisations and individuals.

Coaching is a collaborative process that involves a coach and a coachee, aimed at identifying and achieving specific objectives, overcoming challenges, and developing new skills and behaviours. Coaching can be completed in various settings, be it in one-on-one or in group sessions, which can be tailored to different needs, such as career development or leadership. Coaching is action oriented and future focused.

The advantages of coaching for employees are manifold, spanning from increased motivation and engagement to improving performance and productivity. It also helps employees align their goals with their values, provide feedback and recognition, and assist in overcoming any barriers. Additionally, it encourages exploration of strengths and interests, as well as enabling professional development and career advancement.

For organisations, coaching contributes to a positive culture, reinforcing core values and fostering a learning-oriented ethos. It is a way to help enable organisations to foster a culture of feedback and creativity. This in turn can help to retain and attract talent by enhancing an employer's brand, reputation, and loyalty. Moreover, coaching can assist in reducing turnover and absenteeism.

Whether you are self-coaching or coaching others it is important to be aware of the effect of your thinking and your behaviours towards those around you. The coaching process may be about challenging a perspective or exploring a new way of looking at the same situation in order to unlock a person’s resourcefulness. Coaching conversations can be empowering and enabling.

We look forward to supporting your journey with coaching conversations on Wednesday 6th March. The link to sign up to the workshop is here:

To find out more about any of our partners, please feel free to get in touch.

We are committed to helping you achieve your HR goals and would be happy to support you in any way that works best for you. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with your HR and recruitment needs.

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